About SEO Project 

Our client is one of India’s biggest One-Stop Construction & Building Material Stores. They came in with big requirements, as their website was reaching somewhere up to 20k visitors/month, and wanted to touch 60k in the next 5-6 months.

We took on the challenge.

Initial Stage 

We started with a thorough audit of the website as it had more than 5000 pages. And provide solutions to all the errors that we came through.


  1. Duplicate Titles
  2. Non-SEO Friendly URLs
  3. Broken Links and Images
  4. No Alt text in Images
  5. Internal Linking issues
  6. Orphan Pages
  7. 301 Redirect

Low CTR – The Inevitable Barrier

Once we got rid of all the errors. We started writing content for the Collection pages and provided SEO-friendly Titles & Meta Descriptions for almost 2.5 months hoping that it would soon start to bring in traffic as these pages started to rank in the top 5 ranks of Google’s first page.

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Screenshot 133 e1672729106503

But we only saw slight changes in the traffic graph.

Buildpro SEO Project

This was the time to sit & brainstorm what went wrong as we had big promises to fulfill, soon we realized that this Industry had a very low CTR (Click Through Rate).

How We Tackled The Situation? 

We shifted our focus from the Collection page to Blogging and did thorough keyword research to find out relative keywords from the industry, and wrote around 50-60 pieces of content in the next 2 months.

Buildpro Case Study

And within 2-3 weeks, most of our blogs started to rank in the top 3 ranks on Google’s First page and started to bring in a good amount of traffic.

Buildpro Case Study

By the end of the 5th month, we were able to touch the desired results of 60k traffic, even more than that.

We started with 530 visitors per day and reached 2194 by the end of the 6th month which was a whopping 273% growth.

But Work Was Not Over Yet?

Though we managed to get the desired traffic, we wanted to bring in more customers to the client for which we started to add CTA’s strategically at different locations inside the blog post for maximum conversions.

Also, Interlinked to our product pages to increase sales and did fairly well in that sector as well.