About Sneed Project

Sneed is India’s biggest Coworking site with more than 600 Coworking in 30+ cities.

What we achieved?

– Optimised 195 keywords most difficult keywords of the site
Sneed Visibility
– Increased CTR by 10%
– Managed to rank 147 keywords in Top 10
– Average ranking of the entire site improved to 9.48
Screenshot 2
– Become India’s biggest site in Coworking Industry

What was the problem?

– Site was not getting crawled fast enough by google
– Keyword Cannibalization for 150+ Keywords
– 60% of the site have zero or negligible organic traffic
– Negligible Backlinks to Internal Pages
– Required Tech SEO, Off page from Scratch

How we solved?

– We launched new site in which we were having server side rendering from client side rendering
We changed the old layout to the new UX for better conversion.
Sneed Old Site
Sneed new UX
Sneed new
– We Applied 301 Redirection and merged the duplicate pages to one
– We deleted 7000 Pages out of 11,000 pages and set meta noindex pages to those pages which was having no traffic
Sneed SERP
– Created innovative link building strategies like links from badges, Automated Guest Posting and content marketing
– Fixed Internal Linking, URL Structure, Updated Meta Tags, Schema Markups etc