About Qdesq SEO Project 

Qdesq is one of the biggest co-working space aggregators in India, & has 3500+ coworking spaces listed on it.

What did we achieve? 

Optimized 249 most difficult keywords of the website.  

Qdesq Visibility






Increased its visibility to 26.93% (up by 13.98%).

Only 8 keywords were in top 10 and we managed to rank 130 keywords in the Top 10

Qdesq Position

Average ranking of the entire site improved to 21.41 (up by +18.62)


What was the problem? 

  • Only 3 keywords in the top 10 
  • No internal linking
  • No quality backlinks – No innovative campaign for Off Page 
  • The website Layout was not up to the mark
  • Pagination Issues (Crawling) 
  • Low Conversion rate 
  • Was losing the opportunity to Lead Gen

How did we solve it? 

  1. Made Quality Backlinks
  2. An innovative Campaign was started in which we gave different badges to co-working spaces.

    These were the following badges we created and awarded:

    a). Women-friendly
    b). Luxurious
    c). Pet-friendly
    d). People’s choice badges
    e). Best co-working space citywide

    And got natural backlinks.
  3. Improved the Navigation by adding (locality wise buttons)Navigation Button Locality Wise - Qdesq
  4. Provided an opportunity for potential customers to connect & increased conversion rate.Improved Conversion
  5. Added content on every page and interlinked it to similar pages.Content Added & Interlinked
  6. Changed Canonical tag for each page
  7. Improved Title, Meta Description & Page Structure for better On-Page & Technical SEO.