How to create Wikipedia page for your company?creating wikipedia page

Wikipedia page is one of the most important factors that make any company or a person verified in the eyes of the public due to the huge trust people have over ‘Wikipedia’.

And, hence, creating wikipedia page is not an easy process, for it requires a lot of information and channelling the same in the right way adhering to the guidelines laid by Wikipedia. 

If you are someone who has begun to try creating a new wikipedia page and has encountered few problems while crafting one, you better stop doing the wrong. You have to follow the correct guidelines, and proceed for successfully creating a wikipedia page for yourself or for your company. Or you can rely on experienced wikipedia creation service to get one for yourselves crafted out of perfection without flaws.

Why should I be creating Wikipedia page for my company?

Let us begin with the basics. Try google searching “Ipv4” and see the results for yourself.

If you can see, the information that has been catered as the featured snippet, as the knowledge panel, as the 1st position link all are from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia ranks higher than almost all the other sites for almost all the keywords. Wikipedia is one of the most trusted sites dor the people, which is why creating a new Wikipedia page can help you reach better in terms of rankings. 

The policies of Wikipedia are so stringent which detains one from illegally using Wikipedia for their own SEO benefits through black hat methods.

With a Wikipedia page, your credibility and reputation go high, with a very good chance of converting your potential clients to strong leads.

How to create Wikipedia page

Here is a stepwise manual on how to create your Wikipedia page.

  •  Creating an account


Go to Wikipedia home page and find the “Create Account” button on the top right corner.

Wikipedia account creation

You can find pages on Wikipedia itself to find the different accounts and their behaviour. With creating a new account, you get to be part of the Wikipedia family, with which comes the huge responsibility of making your activities public and abiding the strict rules laid out by Wikipedia.


  • Making edits to become autoconfirmed user


You better become used to the Wikipedia interface and the structure of information flow within the system before you start creating your page.

Also, it is important that you make yourself credible to Wikipedia before you start creating a new wikipedia page.

You can do this by making small edits on the already existing pages of Wikipedia. Get recognised and be an autoconfirmed user.

You can become an autoconfirmed user by having 4 days passed after creating your page and making 10 edits.

Autoconfirmed users can create pages, move the pages, upload files, and edit semi-protected files. Some actions on Wikipedia like adding external links might require other users to enter CAPTCHA each time, which can be avoided by being an autoconfirmed user.

Also, the time you spend editing other pages can help you understand the working of Wikipedia and the norms that you have to stick to while making content on Wikipedia.

There will be ”Edit page” option and at each paragraph, you will have the option for editing the same.   


  • Start making your page


There are many ways that you can make the page. Wikipedia’s “Help: Your first article” would give you the option of “Article wizard” to create a page.

You can use the “Sandbox” option on the top right corner after you log in to create the draft.

You can search your desired topic on the search bar inside Wikipedia page which provides you with the option to make one for yourself when a page of that query is absent. The option takes you to Article wizard.

The Article Wizard gives you the basic guidelines for creating a wikipedia page and you can do all the styling and include links and citations within the draft space that you create. 


  • Submit


Once you have created the content for your Wikipedia page, and have added enough citations and references, click on Publish button to submit your button for the review.


  • Wait for approval


There will a small period of time at times, after submitting your page for review. After Wikipedia finding that your page seems credible enough, your page gets approved and it will be available publicly.


  • Make new changes to update the Wikipedia page


Creating a wikipedia page is not the end to all. You have to keep updating it with more rich content and reliable resources to make the page the most reliable website and the best external support you can receive for your company.

Wikipedia page creation guidelines

creating wikipedia page guidelines

The nature of the content

Wikipedia does not allow any content that is freshly added to the Internet or any sort of content that does not get supported by a reliable source.

It allows the content that has already been stated and is prevalent to be true. Also, it does not allow any copied or plagiarised content or nearly rephrased content.

The content must not be having a promotional tone or unwanted usages of adjectives.

For eg: “Micheal Jackson is a great musician” does not get accepted whereas “Micheal Jackson is a musician” is acceptable. This is to promote the neutral tone and take of Wikipedia making it more trustable. 

The nature of citations

The citations can be from scholarly articles, magazines which are accepted, newspaper reports, etc which will add value to your page from a third person. 

Personal blogs and websites might not be accepted as reliable citations due to the nature of promotion that they might contain. 

Be utmost careful regarding the content that you put up

Be very cautious regarding the submissions that you make. If Wikipedia finds your actions not been exemplary for the norms of Wikipedia, you might face detention from editing and creating new pages. 

Your existing page might be taken down if any sort of breaches occurs to the guidelines that must be followed while creating a Wikipedia page. 

Facing these actions for once or twice might permanently block your page- which you might be able to either recover with the help of a Wikipedia page creation service or might have to create a new page from another account. 

Sometimes you will not be able to take the same name for your page, which will put you in a situation where you cannot make a page for your company anymore. 

creating wikipedia page

If you do not find yourselves in a position to be creating a Wikipedia page for yourselves for your company, approach a Wikipedia creation service and there are some of the best seo companies bangalore who can do it for you.

Creating a wikipedia page for your company can bring you more fortune than you ever think and there is existing proof for the same. While a work of such top priority must be done with great care and clarity, make your mind thorough with all the guidelines before you set out to work.

Get your pages ready, boost your business!