SEO is a very important part of the business. However, you must realize that optimization is a method that necessitates the assistance of a specialist. And it is at this point that most business owners face a basic question about how to proceed.

Which is preferable: Hiring an SEO agency or hiring an SEO team in-house?

This debate of agencies or consultants wasn’t a thing a few years ago. Hire full-time workers in places where you need a competitive advantage; hire companies only for roles you intend to automate or don’t need to be successful at. Many big companies follow this tactic. You need to recruit full-time marketers if you want outstanding marketing.

To help you make a more informed decision, we have put together a comprehensive review of the subject, complete with a list of pros and cons.


PRO’s and Con’s of Hiring an In-House SEO Team vs SEO Agency:

Positive and negative aspects of hiring an in-house SEO team vs SEO agency:


You really can’t expect that you can stay competitive in today’s market and retain your authority online at the same time. But there’s another way to do both at the same time that is you invest in SEO.

It’s a new marketing warfare technique that can help you stand out from the crowd and ensure your company’s long-term success. 

What is an SEO agency?

An SEO agency is a specialized team of professionals dedicated to optimizing your online content for search engines. Leveraging expertise across various domains, they craft strategies to enhance your website’s visibility.

Services offered by SEO agencies

From keyword research to content optimization, finding errors in the current website and optimizing it, building strategy, CRO and link-building, SEO agencies provide a suite of services tailored to boost your website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Pros of hiring an SEO agency

The flexibility of expertise and scalability are key advantages. SEO agencies bring a diverse skill set and can adapt to the evolving landscape of digital marketing.

What is an In House SEO Team?

Composition of an in-house SEO team
An in-house SEO team consists of internal hires dedicated to optimizing the company’s digital presence. This team collaborates closely with other departments for a holistic approach.

Responsibilities of in-house SEO teams
In-house teams manage day-to-day SEO tasks, ensuring the company’s digital content aligns with best practices for SEO. Their focus is on sustained, long-term strategies.

Benefits of having an in-house SEO team
Direct communication, brand alignment, and an in-depth understanding of company culture are the core strengths of an in-house SEO team.

Key Differences

Flexibility and scalability

SEO agencies offer flexibility, catering to specific project needs, while in-house teams provide a stable, continuous approach.

Cost considerations

Understanding the cost dynamics helps in decision-making. Agencies might have varied pricing structures, while in-house teams involve fixed costs.

When all factors are considered, the simple truth is that hiring a specialist SEO firm is more cost-effective. Contracts with experienced and dependable agencies typically range from $3000 to 5000 a month for all services provided.

Hiring a successful in-house SEO expert, on the other hand, costs an average of $5k to $10k. And most of the time, it just entails SEO services and skills. So you can see how it goes above and beyond any monthly schedule, you’ll find for any agency.

Control and communication

In-house teams provide direct control and seamless communication, while agencies may require a more structured approach.

The benefit of getting your SEO expert is that they can devote 40 hours a week solely to your website. As a consequence, the likelihood of errors or neglect is greatly reduced.

Hiring an SEO agency means your company will only have a certain number of hours per week to operate your website. However, we should keep in mind that the first few months of working on a website will take a lot longer, which SEO companies are aware of and factor into their strategy.

Keeping up With The Trend:

To stay in business, professional agencies and businesses must remain competitive. That means, among other things, they must keep up with all changes and developments in areas like ranking tracking, analyzing patterns in organic visits, brand recognition, SEO news, algorithm updates, current trends, technical problems, and strategy revision several times a year. 

The in-house team faces far less pressure and support when it comes to keeping up with digital trends and SEO news.

Cost Adaptability in SEO teams:

Firing an organization or contractor isn’t enjoyable, but it’s usually simple and painless. When done for financial reasons, the consultants and the recruiting company are generally grateful. Furthermore, you can frequently bargain for fewer work/hours/projects to save money, then increase spending if you need more; this is impossible with FTEs.

You might face the same situation when it comes to letting go of a team member. Friction, thoughts, and negative feelings are unavoidable no matter how good you are at offboarding. The essence of full-time employment generates the illusion that downsizing can only occur in extreme circumstances.

The Diversity card is played by an SEO team:

You just get what you pay for with in-house hire SEO professionals; they rarely have experience beyond the field of expertise you pay them for. Since SEO firms have a larger workforce, their range of services appears to extend to include other regions.

Hiring an SEO agency gives you access to a much wider pool of capital and manpower, which is more than enough to meet your large-scale project requirements. In-house hires will only take you so far before you need to expand your SEO team.

Why it might be difficult doing SEO in-house?

Why it might be difficult doing SEO in-house?

If you hire a full-service SEO team or an in-house specialist, they must be familiar with on-page SEO. All of these elements are important parts of the on-page SEO puzzle. And it is based on this technological aspect that search engines can rate and rank web pages. If you miss only one piece, you might easily sabotage your optimization efforts. This is where hiring a specialist comes in handy. Because of their expertise and a large number of clients, SEO agencies are more knowledgeable in this area.


When it comes to optimization, there are also external variables to consider. Given the difficulty of the situation, no amount of time you offer an in-house SEO expert would be able to equal the collective work effort of hiring an SEO agency entire staff of specialists. These are only a few of the examples you’ll come across as you work to improve your ranking. However, getting a higher ranking isn’t the only target here; you also need to make sure that the higher ranking brings in more traffic. 

When to Choose an SEO Agency?
Small or medium-sized businesses
For businesses with limited resources, SEO agencies provide cost-effective solutions and expertise.

Specific project requirements
When a project demands specialized skills or a temporary boost, agencies offer a quick and efficient solution.

When to Opt for an In-House SEO Team?
Large enterprises
Establishing an in-house team is advantageous for larger enterprises with consistent, high-volume SEO needs.

Continuous and specialized efforts
For industries with unique requirements, an in-house team ensures a dedicated focus on specific challenges.

We’re done discussing the benefits and drawbacks of SEO agencies and in-house SEO teams. So, at this stage, it’s up to you to determine which fits your specific business strategy better. Go through all these points and search for an SEO expert agency that can enhance your website.  

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