Link Building is an art where we have to understand from which site we should take links and to which we should skip. For us, link building is like building a network in the real world.

For Example: If you visit any new city you may be able to see numerous restaurants outside Railway Station. Now I have an interesting question for you. What are your criteria to select the restaurant for lunch?

Maybe the most crowded one, hygienic, or has the best Infrastructure? Well, let me tell you what I do. I go to Mobile or any other shop which is near to that place and will ask for the best suggestion. Being a local mobile shop owner he knows which one is best. I will go to whatsoever he is going to recommend.

Well, Link Building in SEO is also something Similar.

If numerous websites are linking to us then off-page SEO of our site will become powerful and we will be able to rank easily.

Link Building

Other Criteria for Link Buildings are:

  • Take Links from as many sites as possible.
  • Links from the related niche are always preferable and effective.
  • Try to make do-follow links instead of no-follow.
  • The site must have traffic of at least 5000 visitors/month or more.
  • DA of the site should be above 25+. However, You should also check TF and CF.
  • TF must be above 10 and the ratio of TF and CF should be not more than 1:2.
  • Link position should be in the blog or article instead of the footer, blogroll, comment section etc. As That is the most effective position.
  • Try to take backlinks from at least a 1-year-old site.
  • Don’t take a backlink from a webpage that already has numerous external links.
  • Don’t make various Backlinks from sites that are hosted on the same IP.
  • Don’t Take Backlink from a site whose spam score is 10%+ in Mozbar.
  • Only If your target audience is from India then taking backlinks from the Indian website will affect SEO Positively more as compared to building links from International sites. (Note: Comparison is between the same quality of site).
  • Your Anchor Text should be relevant to the post you are linking.
  • Use Exact match anchor text but not always, LSI keywords or secondary keywords are also important for the diversification, avoid naked links, if possible.
  • Insert Links in the middle or top of the content, as it is more valuable.
  • Don’t build backlinks only for the homepage for better SEO it is suggested to create backlinks for every category and important page. So that Link Equity/ Link Juice can flow properly.
  • Always use a variety of strategies to build links and also make image links.
  • Try taking do follow links from domains which don’t give links easily to others.

High-Quality link building is an extremely powerful technique to rank quickly if executed in the right way.


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