In a recent survey conducted online, we have focused on the salary of PPC experts in the UK, Canada, and the USA. These three countries gave us some deep insights which we would like to discuss here. USA is the highest paying nation in terms of experience and specializations, with the salary ranging from $180,000 to $335,000, which is way more than UK and Canada.

In terms of cities, California, Texas, New York and Florida continue to be the most desired cities for digital marketing professionals. These cities have a range of $75,000-$390000 between 1-15 years experienced. Even though it does vary between the bulge bracket firms and the start-ups but the median salary has been pretty decent, observing the current market conditions.

Also, freelancers earn quite a good amount in the PPC field making around $100,000 to $200,000 per annum that is considered to be an excellent amount, even by US standards. The growing gig economy has given a morale booster to the freelance market and with time it is expected, that more than agencies, individual experts in the SEO, digital marketing, and PPC domain are going to be the game-changer.

Some key insights

  • USA is the highest paying country in terms of PPC salaries.
  • California is the best place for a digital marketer to work at.
  • New York is the best place for fresher with an average starting of $45,000.
  • Toronto is the highest paying city in Canada with an average salary of $148,000 for those above 10 years of experience.
  • The median salary for freelancers is $100,000 in the USA.


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